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Welcome to Light FMan PHP!

Light FMan PHP (lfman) is an advanced file manager developed with the aim to be not too much invasive and for being able to be placed together with the various pages that compose a web site.

It's composed only by a PHP main file and a stuff directory that can be placed wherever you wish.

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Created: 07.10.2007
Updated: 14.05.2009


lfman-2.0 final is finally out!!! wink

lfman-2.0rc2 in out! cool

Soon lfman-2.0rc2 will be released! Uploads from urls and chmod as new features!

I'm currently very busy due to university exams and the development is suspended.

New forum:

The 2.0rc1 is OUT! grin

Some important news... I have spent more time to improve the performances. Now i can show you my good results through an example.

I have tested the page load speed and the page weight with 100 empty files and no directories; the actors are the last SVN (today) and the lfman-2.0beta1.

See this (svn version) and this (2.0beta1 version) and compare the loat script time. 1.5" VS 2.6"! cool

Now i show you how it's possible... I have deleted all the hidden file stats boxes because i load (with ajax) these only when the user click to the small file icon at the left of the each file name.

The result is a Xhtml-DOM (the html page) very smaller than previous. In the our example the SVN page weight is ~ 202 Kbytes and the 2.0beta1 is 1.3 Mbytes! wondering

Yhea! an important result!!! sideways

Soon i try to apply this approach with the Dtree (the two trees that show the filesystem tree).

Have a nice day!

I`m proud to announce the first beta release for the 2.0 branch! (2.0beta1)

Created: 07.10.2007
Updated: 10.07.2008


Here i report the feature list related to the current version 2.0.

Features: 2.0

  • Very very fast! Hey, i said » F A S T ! « joyful
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict valid
  • CSS-2 valid
  • Smarty template engine
  • UTF-8 Unicode standard
  • Client Compatibility: Mozilla/Firefox - IE-7 - Opera - Konqueror - Safary
  • Pretty php code and clear html output code
  • Indipendent double view layout
  • Double runtime layout: horizontal and vertical window split!
  • Advanced and indipendent directory trees (using AJAX and xTree).
  • * Multi languages [IT-EN].
  • File uploads
  • Download files bypassing mime cotrol type
  • Uploads form http|https urls
  • Advanced file managment
  • High authentication security layer (SHA1 password included in a PHP file)
  • XSS protection system (session hijacking)
  • Total file stat (mime - access right - size - last change time - image preview!)
  • Chmod
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Copy
  • * Edit text files
  • * Image manipulator (resize, format convert)
  • * Gzip files and directories
  • Virtual root chrooted
  • Create new directories
  • * Create ASCII files
  • Integrated and private LOG system
  • Fast search engine
  • Control center (with a system diagnostic)
  • Version checker
(*) mean TODO whistling

Created: 07.10.2007
Updated: 10.07.2008

License ~ GNU General Public License version 2

This projet is distributed under a GNU General Public License version 2 (GNU/GPL).

Please read the GNU License file for more information about "how you can use this project".

Created: 07.10.2007